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Smiths Falls mosaic featuring hummingbird motif

Smiths Falls

Town Hall Square

77 Beckwith St. N
Smiths Falls, Ontario
6-foot diameter, 2022

Key Partner:

Lanark County Interval House & Community Support (LCIHCS)

Community Partners:

Town of Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls Credits

  • Anna Camilleri, Lead Artist & Public Artwork Designer

  • Tristan R. Whiston, Co-Lead Artist

  • Roberta Della-Picca, Associate Artist, Elder & Knowledge Keeper

  • Andy Trull, Associate Artist 

  • Wy Joung Kou, Associate Artist & Communications

  • Margo Charlton, Evaluation Consultant

  • Katie Yealland, Production Lead & Photography

  • Megan Wilk, Program & Access Coordinator

  • Erin Lee, Site Coordinator & Community Support (LCIHCS)

  • Emma Kinsman, Community Support (LCIHCS)

  • Sara Milligan, Community Support (LCIHCS)

  • Tariq Sami, Graphic Design

  • Shmoofypoof Creative, Photography

  • Sara & Isaac, Musical Performance (unveiling)

  • Elder Francine Desjardins, Ceremony (unveiling)

  • Oto-Wa Taiko Drummers, Performance (unveiling)

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