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A handful of pebbles cupped in someone's two hands


Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County

Address unlisted
4 x 3 feet, 2016

Key Partners:

Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OVCAOS)

Women’s Sexual Assault Center of Renfrew County (WSAC)


Community Partner:

EVA Renfrew County (Ending Violence Against Women Renfrew County)

Jumblies Theatre

Pembroke Credits

  • Anna Camilleri, Lead Artist & Public Artwork Designer

  • Tristan R. Whiston, Co-Lead Artist

  • Roberta Della-Picca, Associate Artist & Elder

  • Andy Trull, Associate Artist & Partnership Lead

  • Megan Spencer, Associate Artist

  • Katie Yealland, Production Lead & Photography

  • Tanya Lyons, Glass Artist 

  • Tariq Sami, Graphic Design

  • Maureen MacMillan, Photography

  • Alana McLeod, Administration

  • JoAnne Brooks, Community Support & Project Advisor (WSAC)

  • Megan Cyr, Community Support (WSAC)

  • Bev Ritza, Community Support (WSAC)

  • Jancy Brown, Community Support (WSAC)

  • Karis Jones-Pard, Intern Artist (Jumblies Theatre)

  • Rhonda Lucy, Intern Artist (Jumblies Theatre)

  • Tomas Chin, Intern Artist (Jumblies Theatre)

  • Emery Knight, Intern Artist (Jumblies Theatre)

  • Liane Alessi, English to French translation

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