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Bancroft Mosaic


Millennium Park

166 Hastings Street North
Bancroft, Ontario
6-foot diameter, 2021

Key Partner:

Maggie’s/Tamarack Resource Centre

Community Partners:

Town of Bancroft

Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation

Algonquin Arts Council

North Hastings Community Trust

North Hastings Children’s Services and the Youth Advisory Board

Algonquin Inòdewiziwin Child and Family Centre

Community Corridor of Inclusion and Resilience project

North Hastings Community Integration Association

Bancroft Credits

  • Anna Camilleri, Lead Artist & Public Artwork Designer

  • Tristan R. Whiston, Co-Lead Artist

  • Roberta Della-Picca, Associate Artist & Elder

  • Andy Trull, Associate Artist 

  • Wy Joung Kou, Associate Artist & Communications

  • Margo Charlton, Evaluation Consultant

  • Katie Yealland, Production Lead & Photography

  • Donna Reid, Site Coordinator & Community Support (Maggie's/Tamarack)

  • Tanya MacKinnon, Community Support (Maggie's/Tamarack)

  • Jacqueline Lopez, Community Ambassador (Maggie's/Tamarack)

  • Holly McMurray, Community Ambassador (Maggie's/Tamarack)

  • Tariq Sami, Graphic Design

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